Saturday, June 30, 2007

Just some blathering...

Ok, so Rochelle asked if we knew our state song, to be honest though, I now know the Texas State Song far better than I remember the Arizona. I do remember the chorus though.. Sing the song that's in your hearts, sing of the great southwest, thank God, for Arizona in splendid sunshine dressed. For thy beauty and thy grandeur, for thy regal robes so sheen, we hail thee Arizona our goddess and our queen...or something like that. I have to say I love the Texas state song and in coming to love this state I feel especially moved by the chorus...God Bless you Texas and keep you brave and strong, that you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long...I always get teary eyed with songs like that, even the national anthem does it to me...I just feel so blessed to have so much freedom.

Anyway enough babbling. CW and I went to the movies last night. I think the last movie we saw in the theater together and alone was the last Harry Potter movie 18 months ago. We went to the Movie Tavern and ate and watched at the same time. What a great idea, for us at least, usually we end up having dinner and then it's just too late for a movie. It was nice just to be out by ourselves for a couple of hours and the movie was decent (Fantastic 4 and the Silver Surfer). So the Movie Tavern is cool, the food decent. I give it a 4 outta 5 stars for a quick night out.

Personal DNA

This test was fun, I was surprised though home different from my friends I was...I guess that's a good thing.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I heart youtube

So much to see...


Do I need to say more?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I wanna go home!

It was a crazy day today. Alex had school this morning and was gone till noon. As soon as he walked in the door we were out the door again to
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It took me less than an hour to get there and I didn't even take the toll road. We got in and it turns out that Alex is an inch to tall to go into small land. They wouldn't make an exception. I tried to be understanding and left Lily to play by her self. They gave him a scavenger hunt to do as we walked through the store. So we did that together as we looked for our Klippan couch cover.
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We got down to the self serve part and started throwing stuff in the cart. Ed pooped and of course I had no diapers so I was trying to hurry and get out of that section because I know they have diapers in the upstairs family bathroom. I am running and I finally find the right couch cover and my pager goes off to pick up Lily. Of course I am at the register and she is on the right around the corner but the lines are huge so I grab stinky Ed and leave the cart to go and get her. I decide hey I am already off course so may as well go change the little stinker. We make it through that but can't find a way back to the cart except to got through the self serve part again, where for some unknown reason they have blocked off all the shortcuts, how dare they. So of course I pick up more stuff in my newly acquired cart (I guess eliminating the shortcuts makes people buy more.)

I make it up to the register and everything gets rung up. I pull out my wallet and what NO WALLET, I keep repeating to my self, where's my wallet, my wallet is gone, no wallet. I am sure the cashier thinks I am talking to him so he clears his throat. I ask if he can take a check without ID, he says no. I ask if he can hold my stuff so I can go check in the car. OK. Out to the car we go, the kids chanting "mommy why are we leaving the couch cover?" and "why did we come here?" "shush kids" I tell them in my newly adopted quite voice, I haven't yelled yet today but am getting close. FRUSTRATION is mounting. There is my wallet on the console in the car. How did that happen? Back into the store but can't get back to the register. AAAAAHHHHHAAAAHHHH, finally find an isle that only has one line so we aren't stepping on people going in the other direction. Back to the register to check out after ringing everything up again, the clerk looks at me and says "WALLET", "YEP, WALLET" I answer back.

We go to the snack bar on the way out for Alex's prize for completing the scavenger hunt. I get Lily a frozen yogurt and Ed a hot dog bun, every child is happy. We start our drive home, as we are leaving the parking lot and Lily says "I want to go home" which is actually code for "I have to pee". I tell her we are going home now does she want to stop and pee, no of course not. We get through Lewisville and Lily says "I want to go potty at home", of course traffic is stopped, (sound familiar Rochelle?)I tell her to bounce, so she bounces until I miss the exit for the 114 and am on Southlake BLVD. I ask if she wants to stop and a potty here, she says no, we stop anyway, she is screaming bloody murder that she wants to "go potty at home". I put her back in the car. I drive. She is crying again, saying she wants to pee on the ground. I pull over in the next parking lot, it's a dentist or something. It also pouring rain, I get her out pull her pants down and pick her legs up showing all she's got to everyone driving down Southlake BLVD. She pees, "All better mommy she says" I am soaked, I hope it's not pee, smells ok. We get home and change...What a day.

Here I am, alone again tonight, CW working late for the 2nd night in a row and likely to be the rest of the week as he gets ready for his launch on Monday. I LOVE the man, but I am spoiled, he hardly ever works late, I am used to him being home by 6:30 or 7pm. It's hard when he isn't here. I think the rain is affecting my mood. I can't stand too many days inside....not supposed to let up until next week.

Again What A Day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Can I say I have been struggling? Are we as mothers allowed to struggle? Sometimes I wonder. I think HF suspected I was having issues because Sunday the lesson, called The Tongue of Angels by Elder Holland, was for me. Monday night I attempted to give it as our family home evening lesson to a gaggle of screaming kids. Needless to say I totally let my temper get the best of me and yelled loud enough that the neighbors heard. I was totally irrational and told CW I needed to leave the house. I went for a drive, just down the street as I was wearing neither glasses nor shoes and sat and read a book I had in the van for an hour. When I got home the house was quite and the kids were in bed. CW asked if I was mad at him, he was wondering because I had also yelled at *him* Monday morning because *he* had no clean socks and he was upset at me for slacking on the laundry. I snarked that I wasn't his mother or his maid and he could do his own laundry. I know it's my job to do the laundry after all he works his butt off all day and I am here. I have no excuses because I know it's my job, I was just mad that I was the one who was to blame and he was pointing that out. Anyway back to my story, I told him I wasn't mad at him and that my mother/maid comment was uncalled for as I am the one supposed to be doing the laundry. I also told him I wasn't mad at the kids because let's face it, they are children, it's *their* job to be loud and obnoxious and my job to teach them how to be less loud and less obnoxious (let me know if you out there have suggestions). I was in reality mad at myself for getting so out of control that if forced me to leave our home lest I do or say something hurtful to him or our children. I know I am totally embarrassed that it has come to this.

So this afternoon. I talked with Alex and Lily about how I needed their help to be a better mommy. I told them that I needed them to help me yell less and what would help me is if they yelled less. We agreed that we would have a no yelling policy in our home. We talked about things to do to bring the spirit to your home and that the spirit has been missing because there was so much yelling. We agreed that there would be time out for anyone who yelled 10 minutes on the couch in the computer room for the kids and 10 minutes cleaning up for me (because there is always cleaning to do). We also agreed that there would be a reward for any day we could go completely without yelling. So I called CW up and explained what the children and I had discussed and asked if he would give me a blessing to help me with this problem, he agreed that it was a good idea but has to work late most of this week so we decided Sunday after church would be the best time for that. now you know my ugly secret, please Heavenly Father help me is all I ask.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend recovery

I know I should clean as I go but it seems an utter impossibility on the weekend. So we always end up on Monday spending most of our day "recovering" our home from the weekend. I must say this one was particularly bad. CW and I spend most of the day out in the front yard trying to rescue it from the jungle it was becoming, I mowed, he edged, I trimmed, he weed wacked and on and on it seemed to go. We didn't even make it to the back yard (I get to mow out there today too.) But the front looks half way presentable.

After the rest of the house is sufficently "recovered" I have to start with some deep cleaning including shampooing the carpets in the main family areas. I know it has to be done, but it is just not my favorite job. Oh well. Back to work we go. Now I just need some tunes.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jumping on the wagon

After some prompting, I have decided to give this blogging thing a try. I have to say that I really enjoy hopping around my friends blogs, it seems they always have something interesting or entertaining going on. I have avoided it because well my life is just not that interesting but I am giving it a try. Here goes...