Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

I have them in abundance.

1. My underscore on my keyboard was broken and I was having to steal underscores from where ever I could find them (thanks Rochelle, I always knew I could find one in your blog address).

2. The S was SSSsssssticking and sometimes completely stuck. Such a pain to write anything. You don't realize how much you use SSSSS until it's gone.

3. My camera has been broken also.

Alas all this has been remedied. So if you haven't already seen them. Here is a couple of cute kids at Easter.

The Speer Kids

Alex and Lily


Ed (of course his only real interest was in the tripod)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't forget today's our day Texas!

Ok so I don't feel there is much in the way of choices, but still I am goin' out to be part of the process.

Here's some funnies, thanks Kelly.

If you want to own them for you very own click here and here.