Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let's talk about the weather

Hi my name is Jenni and I have compulsive weather syndrome.

If you didn't already know I was a nerd, this just confirms it. I am obsessed with the weather. I have to check on it constantly. When I can't check on it at weather.com. I am checking on it on the Weather Channel. At night I will stop what I am watching at 10pm so I can watch the weather on the local news.

I think this disorder may run in the family. My niece 3 states away can't go to school without first turning on the weather channel, she's 10. You want more evidence... My dad stayed up every night till after 10pm even though he was up at 4am "to watch the weather". I would definitely say it's hereditary.

My disease has gotten progressively worse since we moved to Texas. We didn't really have weather where I grew up. Arizona has Sun, Sun, Sun 300 days a year and in case you haven't heard California is known for it's mild weather. So all this freaky Texas weather is making my CWS a serious problem. I will be honest, cloudy weather really just depresses me.

Who knows? Maybe I was meant to be a weather girl (on the radio obviously).

So right now I am watching Hurricane Ike and wishing it could just stay to the south. Here's to hoping for no company, from my little brother and his family or from Big Bad Ikie.


takemetohawaii said...

I have to check the weather all the time, too. The radar is constantly up on my computer so I know when the next rain band is coming. Looks like we'll get some good rain out of Ike. I actually love the cloudy days right now!

aubs33 said...

Funny. I am not a weather nut but I do miss all the tornado warnings..really. I secretly wish I could be a storm chaser.